Today I'm talking with John Bruna, a counselor, educator, mindfulness and dharma teacher. In 1984 John had an experience that transformed his life and motivated him to live a life of service. John has had careers in counseling, primarily as a substance abuse counselor, and in education as a teacher in a low-income, urban high school.


In 2001 John found his spiritual teacher, Venerable Geshe Tsultim Gyeltsen, and, in 2005, traveled to India to be ordained as a Buddhist monk in the Tibetan Geluk tradition. After more than six years of monastic life, John returned to life as a layperson.


Drawing upon his education, training, diverse life experience and his humor, John has dedicated his life to helping others overcome their personal obstacles and challenges. He facilitates a variety of workshops and public talks.


Find out more at wocompassion.org. Reach Steve Skinner at nigel@sopris.net.


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